3 Tage Intensiv Wochenende mit Dylan Bernstein
20.-22. Oktober


friday: 1700 freitag led class 
saturday: 700 pranayama ash sequenz | mysore 730 | 11 – 1230 mittag | 13-1530 workshop
sunday:  700 pranayama ash sequenz | mysore 730



volles Paket (1 Workshop 3 Yoga classes): 130 Euro

Single Workshoptag: 59 Euro

Drop in Yogastunde: 30 Euro

Anmeldung/Registration per Mail to: Ashtanga.Regensburg@gmail.com

Dylan Bernstein

Dylan is a KPJAYI & SYC level 2 Authorized Ashtanga teacher.

Dylan has been exploring various worlds of yoga since 1989. His intense curiosity brought him to study, practice and live worldwide. Having taught on five continents, Dylan continues to be influenced by many teachers and living wisdom traditions. The most inspiring inspiration comes from his inquisitive students.

He has lived in ashrams and monasteries throughout South Asia, East Asia and Europe, studying with the world’s most senior and historic teachers. He earned a Master Degree in Buddhist Studies in 2013. Currently he is spending his time studying ways of life in Africa and the Amazon.

A student of teaching techniques, Dylan has a background in pedagogy and cognitive development. His classes are designed to put students into direct contact with their own true internal teachers.

Yoga has never been limited to postures for Dylan and yet, he values the critical role that a physical practice can play in bringing light to one’s whole being. Essentially, Dylan remains a pluralist, believing in many kinds of truth and many manners of realisation. The interconnectivity so visible in Nature is a guiding light. Ashtanga yoga coupled with diverse stillness practices continue to be the bedrock of his life.